About Us


Our Dedicated Team

EyeOnCare is more than a nameless, faceless high-tech Information/Visual service company. Our business is to take care of you as you care for the most valuable and precious resource on Earth—fellow mankind. Our staff is built around the concept of caring for the whole person. Consequently, when you become an EyeOnCare client, you get much more than fancy equipment and technical expertise. We are committed to delivering a complete business package that addresses all the crucial aspects of caregiving, so you can be confident of the best results possible:

The Visionary

It starts with someone who sees the big picture…and the steps to make it a reality. EyeOnCare’s Visionary deftly leads based on two decades of hands-on computer, communications, and health care experience. It is a unique mix, and requires a person who can guide caregivers like you through the often murky high-tech and administrative realms to discover a clear path toward greater protection and profitability for your business. Our Visionary is ready today to make your firm’s tomorrow even better.

The Executive Manager

An efficient, effective business in the care giving industry requires the best in administration and leadership. EyeOnCare’s Executive Advisor boasts a wealth of expertise in accounting, management, and employee development in the hospice field and with other health care providers. Our Executive advisor has a finger on the pulse of all aspects of our business, including accountability, ethics, and quality control. This kind of advocacy gives you confidence that you are getting the best value, top to bottom, from EyeOnCare.

The Technology Specialist

Finally, our highly trained, certified and professionally dressed staff has pretty much seen it all in the realm of technology installation and maintenance. They are adept at getting to the source of various issues quicker, which means substantial savings in time and money. Their know-how and ability to customize applications and equipment for various needs makes EyeOnCare second to none in delivering what we promise.

Our EyeOnCare staff looks forward to meeting with you and getting to know the specific needs of your business.